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When everyone is offering you a used machine, sold to you "AS-IS" with no warranty, no support, why not consider a fully recertified optical comparator. Recertified optical comparators come with a full "1 Year Parts and Labor" warranty. Guaranteed to measure just as accurate as a new machine, but at a fraction of the cost of a new optical comparator. Working directly with the manufacturer we offer far more flexibility in your machine build and design. With recertified optical comparators your budgeted dollars to go even further. If a recertified optical comparator sounds like it will work for you, please give us a call or send an email, we will promptly get back with you.

Pc-14A J&L Metrology Optical Comparator

This front screen entry level machine packs a solid punch for the dollar, with tungsten projection you get a nice bright image, 4" of vertical travel and 8" of horizontal travel both manually operated it can give you the accuracy you deserve without breaking the bank.

Classic-120 J&L Metrology Optical Comparator

The Classic-120 offers you a side screen for easy access for the operator, It's 3 position lens turret gives you the ease of selecting any lens quickly, with magnification of 10X thru 100X available. It also has 6" of vertical travel and 8" of horizontal travel to give you the capacity that you may be looking for.

Fc-30 J&L Metrology Optical Comparator

A 30" screen with two different lens setup makes this a very flexible machine, A single lens mount that can accomodate a 5x lens, or a three position lens slide that will hold your three favorite magnifications. Equipped with mercury arc projection and Metronics digital readouts this is truly a versatile machine.

Epic-120 J&L Metrology Optical Comparator

A 20" side screen with 6" of power operated vertical travel and 8" of manually operated horizontal travel. Mercury Arc projection adds the light you require to truly get an accurate measurement of your part.

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